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Let’s write “I Love You” in different languages











Je t’aime (French)

Aishiteru (Japanese)

Saranghaeyo (Korean)

Te amo (Spanish)

Mahal kita (Tagalog)

Я люблю тебя (Russian)

بحبك —- Bahebaak (Arabic)

我爱你 (Chinese)

Ich liebe dich (German)

Ma armastan sind (Estonian)

i eat ass (English)

I won’t ever forget you (English)

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If someone cares enough about you >>




They will find time to spend with you, even if it’s 5 minutes out of the day. “Busy” or not.



It’s just not true.

If the trust is reciprocal, than you don’t need to talk every day. Sometimes people are…

I think Mr. Bold and tasteful is taking things a bit out of proportion. I agree with both of these. But someone can easily send you one message a day. Even if it is just a emoticon. Sometimes they can even let you know that they are busy! But in this day and age unless there is a power outage due to some huge citywide malfunction or natural disaster . Being unable to send even one message to your lover is nay unjustifiable . There are far too many means of communication. 

Now if it is just friends, then yeah… You are valid mister.

Sending a text or a Facebook message doesn’t take much longer than 3 seconds.

You are right, you should be able to trust your lover blindly enough to excuse not being in touch much. But no communication at all for days? That is a bit uncalled for. 

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Today’s Weather

The weather is rather.

Nice right now.
I can finally think about you
And not have an ounce of sadness…
What could that mean, huh.

I still miss you
Love you
Wish to talk to you
All of that
I am not sad…

Would really give me
Another chance?


I am not even feeling a type about it
It’s as if 
I can reach you ear

Hear your welled up feelings

But none of it is coherent 

And none of it bothers me

Who you’re talking to
Who you’re loving
Whether you even think of me !
Because i feel
If my heart resonates so pleasantly with yours
To the point its beat melds with the stars

Yours can’t forget me to

So as long the weather here great

I’m sure the weather can be just nice with you