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Why is death so bad?

I cannot fully fathom nor understand anyone’s misery but my own. Death to me is honestly my most appealing  option , to me . Selfishness is a concept and the choice of suicide is “selfish” most certainly. Sigh this planet this world this air that i breath i don’t like any of it much right now …

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Posted on Tue/Apr/8/14
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Which way to go
Already set sail on this rocky boat
No signs of hope alone with people around me

I hate this lifeLiving, whatever I want i cannot get
I don’t really want games and alcohol but i can buy that all and all

But I can’t buy no bliss besides Neuro

Everyone’s so busy, astounding to me how I
I am at the end of their farrow

I can barely get a moment…
I am so tired of hurt but i must hurt to live
Forced to put myself out there for my job
Being happy and smiling, letting down the guards

I can’t be myself because my chances of wealth are even lessened.

This world that we live in. God’s Blessing
Please God answer me this
I am dying without even stressing

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